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I’m going to try and not slobber all over this review but it’s gonna be hard because this next game is one of my personal favorites in all of horror game history with no surprises after the success of the first Silent Hill Konami utilized. The power of the PlayStation 2 and brought us Silent Hill 2 in 2001 being a sequel to a new horror game series can come with its own challenges but Silent Hill 2 slowly became the best in the series and brought in many new fans to the town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 2 GAMEPLAY

Silent Hill 2 download free 1024x576 - Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2 download free

Silent Hill 2 begins by introducing the main character James Sutherland who arrives in Silent Hill II after receiving a letter from his dead wife this throws the suspicion right into the players hands and you immediately know that things are not going to go well. Silent Hill 2 has a weird ability to draw you into the unknown be it searching for a loved one trying to uncover a mystery or just flat-out curiosity what it does so well is from the moment you start the game you are sympathizing with James and you want to know what is up with this letter and how could your wife have possibly written it if she’s been dead for three years.

Silent Hill 2 download pc game - Silent Hill 2

I can’t go into the plot without giving away many spoilers so I will leave it at that as I truly believed Silent Hill 2 is one of the best narratives to date it takes into account powerful subjects such as suicide murder rape and all throughout the game that will question your reality while you are simply playing a game it draws you in so much that you feel like you were actually. There in the town of Silent Hill and I have found this to be a rarity in video games as a whole the supporting cast of characters is also very believable enough for you to run around. The town trying to track them down and find out what their story is some of them help you some of them may hurt you.

free Silent Hill 2 download 1024x576 - Silent Hill 2
free Silent Hill 2 download

You can’t be certain because Silent Hill 2 constantly flips the story on your head and it is up to you to pick up the pieces compared to the first game and horror games in general Silent Hill 2 offers more of an atmospheric and psychological, rollercoaster than anything I’ve played from the deep the manic references to the perfectly constructed environments. The game caused me to overanalyze the shit out of it until I started reading books and watching movies, that had the slightest relation to the game never have, I been so enthralled in a story that I had no idea what was going on and who was what and what was who it leaves you in suspense so much so that it is very difficult to put the controller down that brings me to my counter point and that despite being more of a psychological horror than a scare tactics game,


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