Tron Run/R Game Download

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TRON RUNr windows 10 - Tron Run/R Game Download
TRON RUNr windows 10

Tron Run/R Game Download

Videos game best Endless runner series name Tron runner is a color-soaked trip through the grid a high-speed chase for malicious programs or something along. Those lines I’m not quite caught up on all the terminology having fallen asleep early on in the original film. But I did make it all the way through the sequel John Runner is a great tribute to the world in the field. Tron while offering fun and addictive game play. That works on many levels. Tron Runner is as it says in the title a runner. This means that your character is constantly pushing forward and you just navigate obstacles and destroy enemies.

TRON RUNr game download 300x169 - Tron Run/R Game Download
TRON RUNr game download

TRON RUN/r Gameplay

Through the games three modes. You will run jump slide drift grind a wall run glide shoot dodge and backflip. Your way through 32 set levels and a randomly generated and the stage control is great and your character of choice moves as you think. They should all the finesse and style well it takes a few turns to really figure out. What generates points for you it’s still fun to play. Whether or not you’re speeding like a pro or just stumbling through. The main draw of the game is a disk mode this holds. The true runner game play before dropping in you may choose a powerup in campaigning at the expense of in-game currency called bits. Which you will also collect as you play.

The goal is certain as many points as possible by earning a combo of these bits. We will also earn points by navigating obstacles and destroying enemies not only are you constantly doing. New things in the disk mode. But it also gives you options will you destroy barriers or dodge around them. Maybe some combination of bolt are you going for a long combo or trying to obliterate.

Everything in your path the disk mode is fun and entertaining and is really the meat and potatoes of the game less substantial. But still pretty fun is the cycle mode on your light cycle. You race through a superhighway collecting bits and moving through. Time of barriers the cycle mode is a Time Trial and plays like a kart racer. But just with no weapons this mode took me a while to find the appeal in. But I eventually learned to really enjoy it. it’s simpler than the disk mode and doesn’t really give you any options.

TRON RUNr Free Download 300x225 - Tron Run/R Game Download
TRON RUNr Free Download

TRON RUN/r System Requirements

CPU: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
GPU: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
DX: Version 11
OS: Windows 7/8 64-bit
Store: 3 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection


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